I have 2 baby girl rats to find homes for. They are 3.5 weeks old. They should be ready for a new home by 6 weeks.

Their Mom is a very friendly, healthy rat. She gets along well with other rats as I have a second girl. The babies have been held since they were new so they are used to people. They are all very healthy, active, and friendly rats.

If you would like to see any of the babies please contact me! I am happy to show these adorable, cuddly baby rats to you at your convenience. If you have any questions about owning a pet rat, please contact me. I will try to answer any questions you have.

We have another litter available with dark colors if interested - will be posting new ad soon!

Photo 1: White/Cream and brown, Girl - She has DUMBO EARS
Photo 3: White/Cream and brown, Girl - Pointy earsPhoto 3: Mom and her babies at 12 days old